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I am a Louisiana native and a lover of all things plants and flowers. I am a wife and a mother. The best days are spent with my family on a bright sunny day.

I have loved flowers and plants since I was a young girl. I would spent entire weekends outside on my grandparents land roaming the fields quickly learning which plants were friendly and still admiring those who were not so. I am a true admirer of all blossoms, and I take in their fleeting beauty with intention. My house plants have names, and I'm certainly the silly plant lady who chats with them on occasion. 

The day my daughter was placed in my arms, I left the traditional work place in hopes to share every moment learning and growing with her. Her favorite days are spent at the "park" which is our local nursery looking at flowers and plants and learning all about each of them. It is a true joy sharing my favorite pass-time with my favorite person.

My husband bought her flowers for her first birthday and every birthday since. For some reason, these flowers just meant so much more to me. I wanted to preserve them with the same desire that I wanted to preserve my baby girl on this day, at this age, in this very moment. Forever. I wanted a relic as a reminder to reminisce, to bring me back to this moment.

After many years of saving one flower from MANY arrangements (including my wedding bouquet) by simply drying them and keeping them in my sacred vase. I suddenly thought I can do this so much more beautifully. On that day, Greenhouse Preservation was born.

My true dream is to preserve your flowers in all of their natural beauty with the same intention that went into choosing them. Be it your special day, your daughter's first birthday, a tribute to a loved one, or simply a happy day worth celebrating.

At Greenhouse Preservation, I handcraft heirlooms to evoke shared stories, stand as a reminder to reminisce, and act as a simple reminder that you are loved.

Thank you for supporting me in making my dreams come true.

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