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If you have any other questions about my service, method or products please do not hesitate to reach out!

Is my resin heirloom food safe?

  • Yes, once ArtResin is cured, it is fully inert and can be safely used as a food contact surface.

  • ArtResin has been vigorously tested by a third party for leaching and migration across worldwide standards and passed every test: when used as directed, cured ArtResin will not leach any substances into food that comes into contact with it. 

How do I care for my heirloom?

If you have a serving item, we recommend hand washing to maintain its original beauty for as long as possible.

How long can I wait before I send in my flowers?

I recommend that you send them in the very next day for optimal preservation of integrity and color. However, up to three days will still result in a beautiful final heirloom. Keep in mind it will be a total of five days post wedding by the time the flowers arrive to our studio.

Can I send in already dried flowers?

Yes! This is a great option for weddings that have already passed. It's time to get those flowers out of your closet!


1) Your blooms are naturally going to be more delicate to handle because of their dried state. Due to this, we simply recommend extra gentle care as you send them into the studio.

2) Greenhouse Preservation will not bring color or texture back into your florals. Our method of creating heirlooms, however, will help preserve those special blooms in their current state and appearance.

Can I request a custom item if I don't see something I love in the Shop?

Yes! I would love to make something custom for that special couple or someone in your life.

Similar to bouquet reservations, this will just take extra time so please reach out to me prior to the event to ensure your order is ready in time.

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